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Gourmet Popcorn

Get Ready for the Holidays with the Best Gourmet Popcorn on the Market.

The Holiday Season is upon us and it’s time to start thinking about gift ideas. Getting gifts for friends and family can often be a nightmare. It’s so difficult to discern personal tastes and figure out proper sizes without revealing your intentions and ruining the surprise. If you are in search of a gift that anyone can enjoy, you should consider gourmet popcorn. 

Gourmet popcorn can be a great gift for almost anyone. You don’t have to worry about buying the wrong size or model. It’s a delicious snack that is hard to resist and comes in a variety of flavors. Plus, it’s a bit more personal than cash or a gift card. 

Check us out at Popped! Gourmet Popcorn if you’re in search of the best gourmet popcorn available. We’re based in Salem, Massachusetts but we deliver to customers all over the world through our online popcorn store. We have more flavors than you can imagine. Plus, you can decide whether you want the popcorn already popped or delivered as kernels.
Here are some of our most popular flavors:


  • Sweet Italian Cookie

  • PB & J

  • Blueberry Muffin

  • S’mores

  • Iced Gingerbread Cookie

These are just a few of our amazing flavors. No one loves popcorn more than we do and offers the unique flavors and varieties we offer. We have flavors for those who like something sweet and those who want something more savory. So, no matter who you’re buying for, we have something you’ll love. 

When you’re ready to taste the best gourmet popcorn on the market, pay us a visit at Popped! Come by our store if you live in Salem or the surrounding area. Or check out our online store if you’re not. Save yourself the stress of doing last-minute Christmas shopping by buying a bag of gourmet popcorn for your loved ones. We can promise they’ll appreciate it more than a sweater that doesn’t fit or a book they’ll never read.

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