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Gourmet Popcorn Companies

Delicious Bags of Popcorn from One of the Top Gourmet Popcorn Companies

Bags of popcorn are never a bad purchase. They can make a great last-minute gift idea or just a fun snack to have while you watch TV. Give them out as party favors at your next get together or as a stocking stuffer on Christmas. 

At Popped! We are one of the most innovative gourmet popcorn companies on the market. We offer a whole variety of flavors that you won’t find anywhere else and we package our products in a unique way that keeps the popcorn fresher longer. Most gourmet popcorn companies offer you tin with three separate flavors divided by a flimsy cardboard divider that will get stale as soon as you open the container.
At Popped we package our popcorn in individual bags that keep them fresher longer. Plus, we pack 5 unique flavors into our tins, as opposed to just three. That gives you more variety in a package that will stay quicker longer. How many times have you received a popcorn tin for Christmas and ended up throwing most of it out because the contents went stale after you first opened it? At Popped we want to offer a solution to that problem by offering vacuum-sealed bags of popcorn that then be resealed and won’t go stale after opening. 

In addition to popcorn tins, we also offer single flavors in individual bags, plus a variety of other tasty treats like jellybeans and candy necklaces. At Popped we strive to offer our customers something special – gourmet treats in a convenient package. There are very few gourmet popcorn companies that go to the lengths we do to provide our customers with a unique product they will love. If you want to give your loved ones something extra special this holiday, gourmet popcorn is an idea that never gets old.

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