5 Bags in this tin!

Gone are the days of getting a popcorn tin from grandma with only 3 flavors between a cardboard divider that go stale in a week.

This tin is packed with 5 individual, heat sealed and re sealable bags. Choose your own tin and fill it with an awesome popcorn theme!

3.5 Gallon Theme Version😃

  • CLASSIC INCLUDES: kettle corn, white cheddar, yellow cheddar, caramel, confetti

    CHEESY INCLUDES: cheddar pretzel ale, buffalo cheddar, parmesan garlic, yellow cheddar, bacon cheddar

    SPICY INCLUDES: guadalajara, buffalo cheddar, jalapeno popper, buffalo breath, 5 alarm blaze

    MORNING INCLUDES: french toast, cinnamon bun, vanilla latte, iced lemon cookie, blueberry muffin

    BIRTHDAY INCLUDES: birthday cake, chocolate covered caramel, confetti, cheddar pretzel ale, red velvet cake

    VARIETY INCLUDES: 1 bag from each of our 5 popcorn categories. Chef chooses whats popular from each category when ordered.