5 gallons worth of your favorite popcorn!  This will ship in a plastic bag and fill our shipping box perfectly. Absolutely no wiggle room and everything will arrive fresh and un-crunched.


Perfect for:

  • Filling your own favor bags
  • Creating a popcorn bar
  • Selling popcorn at events for fundraisers
  • Movie nights
  • Whatever else you could think of!


Bulk Popcorn!🍿🍿

  • Our bulk popcorn is equivalent to:

    • 5 Gallons of popcorn
    • Or enough to fill a home depot bucket
    • Or approx 80 cups of popcorn (We recomend 3 cups per person for a popcorn bar.
    • Buttered = 2lbs of popcorn
    • Candy = 6lbs of popcorn
    • Shipped and fills a box 10.5" X 10.5" X 12"